Steak & Chaource


The highlight of my weekend’s meat consumption (which wasn’t that copious) was definitely Saturday night’s meal. In the spirit of only eating quality meat, we bought some lovely Taste the Difference sirloin steaks from Sainsburys. Not quite an independent butchers, but Sainsbury’s do have some good policies on responsible sourcing.

We had our steak with homemade sweet potato chips and a cherry tomato and spicy leaf salad with Chaource. Chaource is a new discovery for me, a very creamy, mild unpasteurised French cheese with a gooey layer between the core and the ‘Penicillium candidum’ skin. According to my research it has been made since the early 14th Century in the Champagne region. It went really well with the steak, and really well in my sandwiches the next day.

This week I am going to try my hand at homemade elderflower cordial and aubergine burgers.