Off the Wagon – Street Food

I fell off the wagon and ate a big dirty rib meat roll (from a wagon) – on a Friday.

I was doing so well until this point, but I’m not beating myself up too much. I’m not trying to be perfect here, just a bit better.

So this was at Street Feast, the latest baby of the increasingly popular street food scene in East London. Every Friday, for the last few months, an empty lot in Haggeston has housed a plethera of street food stalls and trucks selling lots of smoked, baked and fried things. It was the last night when we visited, but I’ve heard whisperings that they will be back elsewhere (fingers crossed).

Street Feast

I obviously had to go at least once, and I genuinely thought I could maintain my vegetariansim and stick to what meat free options there were. It turns out that ,this week at least, such options were few and mostly tofu based, which is something I have yet to be enlightened about (anyone have any tofu tips?). I was a bit dissapointed, BUT for meat eaters there was so many amazing choices – basically street food in London is really about the meat.

My highlight was the the rib meat roll from the Rib Man – a bargin at six quid for a massive roll with loads of meat and some excellent sauces.

Rib Man

We also had some beautiful spicy thai fried chicken from Yum Jungle and some chicken & corriander gyoza dumplings from Rainbo.


The mean gin cocktails from the Gin Store are also well worth a mention. This is a Floradora – gin, rasberry, fresh ginger and lime.


I definitely don’t regret my decision to try these foods as the quality was really great, and I’d have been really sad if I hadn’t got to try them. However these are the challenges I must face and I can’t give in everytime someone waves a gourmet burger in my face. This week I aim to be firmly back to vegetarian only options.