Rasa Travancore – Stoke Newington Church Street


We went to dinner at Stoke Newington’s Rasa Travancore for a friend’s good bye meal.

Now there are a few Rasa Restaurants in existence. In fact there are two on Stoke Newington Church street, a vegetarian one called Rasa N16, and the one we went to which also has meat dishes. I’ve been wanting to go to the vegetarian one for ages, but have yet to persuade anyone to come with me. And, as it wasn’t my evening, but our friends, I lost the battle again and we went to the meaty one.

Determind to stick to my weekday vegetarian-ness I ordered the Vazhutananga pal curry which was described as “Baby aubergines slit into quarters, lightly fried in vegetable oil and cooked in a special sauce made of roasted coriander seeds, onions, coconut milk and garlic. Goes well with any rice or chappati.” The others ordered ‘The Feast’, a bit of all the best things from the menu, which is actually incredibly good value at £20. I’ve tried a few of the meat dishes before and they are niiice, especially the fish curries and soup.

Back to my dish for a second though. I must say, I was a bit dissapointed. It was quite tasty but there was very little aubergine in comparison to the quite thick, creamy sauce which was a bit too cloying for me. I had a bit of the dahl from the other’s feast which livened things up slightly, and the Paratha as always was pretty excellent. But, unlike my Turkish experience last week, I found myself jealous of the meat eaters.

Although my meal it wasn’t great, I think I am still up for going to Rasa N16 and seeing if it is any better – as it is dedicated to vegetarian food and therefore you would think they’d do it well. I’ve had a look at the menu and I really like the sound of their Dosa dishes. I’m not sure if the veg options at the Travencore perhaps suffer from being a second priority?

Anyhow, great company always makes for a fun meal.