Three Months On


Wow, it’s been around three months since I decided to become a weekday vegetarian. I’m quite proud of myself! I can’t say my dedication has been always at 100%, as, I must admit, there has been the odd bacon sandwich here and there. This isn’t helped that my eating habits are often fuelled by my emotions, and on a sad, rainy monday morning on the way to work it is quite hard to always deny myself a comforting bacon sandwhich. However, as a general rule, vegetarianism has slotted into my life a lot more easily than I thought it would. In fact, as I said the other day to my friend, the less I eat meat – the less I want to eat meat. Now, instead of rushing to grab something’s flesh on a Saturday, I will happily continue to eat my veggi chilli or chickpea curry.

As well as the evolution of my tastebuds, I do feel physically different. I had a steak one evening on a recent Greek holiday and I really noticed my digestive system working over time to digest the sinewey meat and felt a noticeable heaviness the next day, which is not something I’d really picked up on until I changed my diet. I ended up enjoying the Greek salads and stuffed peppers a lot more.

I am pleased that as well as reducing my carbon footprint and doing a bit more for the environment, I am feeling some personal benefits. Even at this early stage I feel more in touch with my body’s nutritional needs and feel like I am making better diet choices. The next step is to cut out those (occassional) bacon sandwiches and re-embrace the muesli.