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Hackney Harvest Feasting & Chickpea Paneer Curry

I am currently in the final stages of moving back to north-east london from my temporary south-eastern home. So, my brain is a bit fried, but I really wanted to mention this event, and share… Continue reading

‘A Table’ at Hackney WickED

This happened about a month ago now, but I wanted to share it anyway. In August I went to Hackney WickED Art Festival with a few friends and ended up unexpectedly going to… Continue reading

Alice Gao – Food Photography

I discovered the food photography of Alice Gao today. I am also enamoured with her travel pictures. If you want to know more,there is an interview with her at the infinitely interesting Industry of… Continue reading

Food Documentaries

A still from Food Inc showing how chickens have been modified for modern tastes and large appetites. Although I’ve been faithful to my weekday vegetarian diet, it’s been a little while since I’ve… Continue reading

I went to the Lambeth Country Show, and all I got was this lousy burger …

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately for your eyes, I neglected to take a photo of said burger. It was one of those cider and sun fuelled moments where you just NEED to eat something… Continue reading

Tad Ocakbasi – Mare St, London Fields

Living around East/North East London there’s no end of really great Turkish Restaurants, or Ocakbasi’s (meaning ‘to stand at the grill’) to give them their correct name. In the year I’ve lived in… Continue reading

Aubergine, Mint & Chilli Burgers

I have been meaning to make some kind of Aubergine burger for a while. It seemed to me that it was the kind of vegetable that would have the right consistency for being… Continue reading

Why I want to become a ‘Weekday Vegetarian’

When I was about ten years old I told my parents that I wanted to be a vegetarian. In hindsight it was probably because the family friend’s daughter we were on holiday with… Continue reading