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Aubergine, Mint & Chilli Burgers

I have been meaning to make some kind of Aubergine burger for a while. It seemed to me that it was the kind of vegetable that would have the right consistency for being… Continue reading

Putting Peas in Things

During my childhood, peas were always a side dish to be had with fish fingers or chicken nuggets. Since then I’ve been awakened to the many other possibilities of frozen or fresh peas,… Continue reading

The First Week

A quick update at the end of my first meat free week. Firstly, I have discovered that I actually eat more fish that I realised, and as such have been surprised by how… Continue reading

The Meat

For me, becoming a weekday vegetarian will not only be about the meat-free weekdays. It will also be about my approach to eating meat at the weekends. Instead of settling for a Chicken… Continue reading