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Three Months On

Wow, it’s been around three months since I decided to become a weekday vegetarian. I’m quite proud of myself! I can’t say my dedication has been always at 100%, as, I must admit,… Continue reading

Food Documentaries

A still from Food Inc showing how chickens have been modified for modern tastes and large appetites. Although I’ve been faithful to my weekday vegetarian diet, it’s been a little while since I’ve… Continue reading

Rasa Travancore – Stoke Newington Church Street

We went to dinner at Stoke Newington’s Rasa Travancore for a friend’s good bye meal. Now there are a few Rasa Restaurants in existence. In fact there are two on Stoke Newington Church… Continue reading

Tad Ocakbasi – Mare St, London Fields

Living around East/North East London there’s no end of really great Turkish Restaurants, or Ocakbasi’s (meaning ‘to stand at the grill’) to give them their correct name. In the year I’ve lived in… Continue reading

The Meat

For me, becoming a weekday vegetarian will not only be about the meat-free weekdays. It will also be about my approach to eating meat at the weekends. Instead of settling for a Chicken… Continue reading

Why I want to become a ‘Weekday Vegetarian’

When I was about ten years old I told my parents that I wanted to be a vegetarian. In hindsight it was probably because the family friend’s daughter we were on holiday with… Continue reading