I went to the Lambeth Country Show, and all I got was this lousy burger …

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately for your eyes, I neglected to take a photo of said burger.

It was one of those cider and sun fuelled moments where you just NEED to eat something – anything! As quick as possible. And after a week of vegetable eating, a cheeseburger sounded like the right choice for me. However, it was quite probably the most disapointing cheeseburger I have ever had. It had obviously been cooked at least 20 minutes ago, had the meanest portion of cheese, and was so dry and tasteless I almost didn’t eat it. But it had cost me £5, so I did. And then I felt sad.

To give you a bit of background, the Lambeth Country Show has been going for 39 years now and is held every July (except for last year, when it was in September due to the Olympics) in Brockwell Park in South London (near Brixton). The main reason we normally go is for the free reggae at the main stage – we bring rugs, booze and food and generally have a great time. In fact until this year I don’t think I had even realised how much other stuff was going on, including all the food stalls. There’s an arena where they have actual Country Show things like the dog and duck race or jousting, craft tents, food tents, and a ‘best in show’ competition – along with sheep shearing. I especially appreciated the ‘best in show’ tent with the vegetable sculptures, including a skull made of peas called ‘For the Love of Pod’ after the Damien Hurst diamond version.

So to sum it up, I missed out on all the jerk chicken, roti’s and carvery and instead had a really crap burger. However the 2 pint milk carton of Chucklehead Farm’s Cider I had kind of made it OK – it was definitely worth the 20 minutes queueing.

Here’s some photos of the kind of good food I could have had, which I took the next day when I had no money left to buy food (woe is me) …


I would have had the exotic fish wrap ….

Best in show

Best in Show for one of the veg catagories – very cute